About Us

#Puppies came to life in 2014 as the love child of Sue Taney and Rachel Garmon. After seeing Sue and Rachel perform together as part of a CSz All-Star Match, it was noted that they performed with the energy of playful puppies. Since forming this dynamic duo, #Puppies has been performing and leading workshops in numerous cities around the country. We have been a part of festivals like Bechdel Test Fest, Festivus, Duo Fest, 2nd Best Fest.

Sue Taney- Has a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and did that scripted stuff until she discovered improv in 2006. She performs, teaches, and loves both long form (Thank You, Places: An Improvised Musical) and short form improv (CSz Philly). Since then she has enjoyed performing for and creating and implementing improv workshops for most ages and abilities. However, she thinks she does her best improv in her classroom with her Preschool students. She firmly believes that people should "sprinkle kindness around like glitter" but sprinkling glitter is great, too.

Sue owns three adorable puppies and brings the fire to the duo.

Rachel Garmon- Has been improvising for since 2004 when they stumbled into an audition (re: was dragged). They fell in love and never looked back. They have a Bachelor Degree in Musical Theatre. While working with ComedySportz and other long form troupes they grew their craft and developed skills. Rachel fell in love with teaching improv to those looking to hone their craft or experience adult play from Corporate Team Buildings to teaching teens and (everyone in between). Rachel spends a lot of teaching time working with those with Autism Spectrum Disorders and developing Sensory Friendly improve shows.

Rachel believes everyone can benefit from the " Yes, And" philosophy and really enjoys excessively optimistic bios.

Ironically...Rachel has owned cats and never a dog.