Interested In Getting Your Learn On?

Here are some of the awesome workshops Rachel and Sue offer.

Rap Snacks: Rap Snacks is a workshop for anyone looking to develop improv rap and rhyming skills. Participants will earn tips and tricks to feel confident when the beat drops. Satisfy your improv craving with some Rap Snacks. All skill levels welcome. 

Pre-K Play and Improv For Kids & Teens: These workshops introduce the basics of improvisation in a developmentally appropriate way through fun games and exercises. Participants will develop communication skills, self-confidence, and stage presence all while laughing and having a great time. 

Improv for the 9-5 Life: Not interested in performing, but love the life skills improv brings? This is for you. We'll learn the skills of yes and, resilience, honest communication, and teamwork all while having fun. We often forget to play as we age, so let's play and explore with no pressure to perform.

Let's Get Physical:
 Our bodies have so many ways to help us improvise. From facial expressions to power stances on stage- this workshop explores what really matters in being a 'physical' improviser, and how anybody and any body can be a physical improviser. Let's get to know ourselves and use our bodies!

We've created and run workshops for many abilities such as people with Autism, mobility impairments, and Down syndrome. Our goal is to spread the joy of improv regardless of age or ability.   

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